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An era of our basketball has been finished. Dusan Ivkovic has decided to leave. He pointed out that this team of the ‘eagles’ ‘has huge potential’ but also that ‘the time has come for a younger expert to be given a chance’. As Blic learns the favorite number one for the new coach of the Serbian national basketball team is Aleksandar Djordjevic.

Ivkovic has been the Coach since 2008. He was leading the national basketball team of Serbia at three European and one world championships. His greatest success was the silver medal at the Eurobasket 2009 in Poland. Ivkovic said that ‘the 7th position in Slovenia and qualifying for the World Championship in Spain are a huge success’.

‘I was doing this job as a volunteer, without any contract. I had an agreement with people from the Basketball Association to lead the team until the European Championship in Slovenia and after that to leave so that some younger expert overtakes the team. I think we have fulfilled our goal and qualified for the World Championship and I think this is a great success of this young team. I am leaving the post of the Coach, but I shall always be here to help’, Ivkovic said.

Serbian national basketball team to get new coach: Ivkovic leaves, Djordjevic favorite


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