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Novak Djokovic’s holiday is over. After several weeks, the world no. 2 tennis player starts preparing in Monte Carlo for the next season in which he shall try to return to the number one position.

At the end of the month he shall travel to Abu Dhabi to play at the Mubadala Tennis Championship from December 26-28. After a short Latin American tour, Novak spent ten days at a tropical destination. Yesterday he posted a message on his blog regarding the humanitarian fund bearing his name.

‘I used my free time while on holiday to, among other things, keep a step with the latest texts on the ndfblog.org and I am really happy about it. Our bloggers were very active so even three texts used to appear every week. I managed to read all of them now. It is nice to see so many useful and inspirational stories and advices and I am really happy that my foundation is behind such a nice project. If you want to read some nice and positive news, I would suggest that you visit our blog. Thank you bloggers for your outstanding effort’, Novak Djokovic wrote.

Before going to Abu Dhabi, Novak might spent some time with his family. His younger brother Marko played last week at a challenger at the Canary Islands. He was defeated there in the second round but has revealed that in the following three weeks he would practice with Novak.

Marko’s dream is to play against his brother one day.


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