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This year’s 27th Belgrade Marathon will be held on April 27 and at the same time it will serve as the Balkan marathon championship and Serbian half-marathon championship, the organisers announced.

In addition to marathon and half-marathon race, the five-kilometre Race of Pleasure is also a part of the Belgrade Marathon. This year, it will take the name of the sponsor, under the title ‘Coca Cola Pleasure Race’.

Athletic Federation of Serbia (ASS) Secretary General Slobodan Brankovic said that the Belgrade Marathon is the most popular athletic event in Serbia and it also has the longest tradition among sports events in the country, adding that this year it would gather best marathon runners from 15 Balkan countries.

Belgrade Marathon Director Dejan Nikolic expressed gratitude for the favourable atmosphere present in both the city and the entire Serbia ahead of the 27th Belgrade Marathon, which contributed to the record number of registered applicants at such an early stage of participant registering procedure.

Not counting best marathon runners from the Balkans, Serbian half-marathon runners and elite runners who mostly come from Kenya and Ethiopia, a total of 2,500 marathon and half-marathon runners from 50 countries from all continents sent their online applications for the event so far, Nikolic said.

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