Ada Bridge

Belgrade has recently become richer for a new landmark. It is Ada Bridge. Many Belgradians are very proud of the bridge’s monumentality. Ada Bridge is designed to be the largest single-pylon cable bridge in the world. Moreover, a documentary television series “Extreme Engineering” on Discovery Channel, aired an episode about the process of constructing the Ada Bridge. Watch documentary.

January 1st 2012, a new bridge, named after a river island Ada Ciganlija, was opened to public traffic. It is a cable-stayed bridge over the Sava river in Belgrade. The bridge pylon is located on the tip of the island which has been reinforced with large amounts of concrete. Before the opening, the bridge had been constructing for more than 3 years. The adjoining roads haven’t been completed but planned to be in 2013. The Ada Bridge is designed to reduce traffic passing through the city center and the older Gazela Bridge.

The bridge consists of 6 lanes and 2 pedestrian/bicycle lanes.


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