Čačak is characterized by great population density and developed economic, cultural, and other activities, which together create considerable demand for services offered by this city.
The tourist inventory of Čačak is created by a favourable geographic position, moderate climate, river bank, cultural and historic monuments, cultural establishments, and numerous cultural, entertainment and sporting manifestations.

Tourists who stay in this city can meet interesting people, learn about their history and tradition, enjoy nature, and forge new friendships, all in one place.
The valuable monumental heritage and natural beauty in the surrounding make Čačak a recognizable tourist destination in Serbia. The culture and tempestuous history are safeguarded in the traces of civilizations which resided in the municipality and its surrounding. Particular attention is merited by the Church of the Ascension of Christ, the National Museum, the architecture of period buildings, art galleries, monuments, and archaeological localities.
The city is the birth place to important personalities in the world of culture, art, literature, and sports. With their works they have left a mark on the epoch in which they created and lived, and they include Nadežda Petrović, Vladislav Petković Dis, Branko V. Radičević, but also great military commanders such as Commanders in Chief Stepa Stepanović, Jovan Kursula, Tanasko Rajić, and many others.
Čačak is a city with a great number of sport clubs. Within the city and in the surroundings there are numerous sport fields and facilities, swimming pools, where sport and recreational activities can be organized. Of course, there is the Zapadna Morava River too, which attracts increasing numbers of visitors with its landscaped river banks and contents.
The Čačak Sport Centre organizes sport competitions and events throughout the year, and at the city beach and swimming pools during the summer.
Only a few kilometres from Čačak there are spa resorts, villages, monasteries, cultural and historic monuments. And very beautiful nature in the Ovčar-Kablar gorge, the lakes and meanders of the Zapadna Morava River, and plentiful flora and fauna.
Very few cities in Serbia have preserved the architecture of the old city core. A number of buildings and palaces in the city centre are reminiscent of the time in which they were built, with the presence of influences and other styles, such as classicism, baroque, neo renaissance, and other.
There are numerous catering establishments in the city, which are just another feature in the diverse tourist inventory. Visitors are attracted to the countless beautiful summer gardens in the city where they can enjoy pleasant moments. The restaurants of Čačak serve numerous specialties of the Serbian cuisine, characteristic in this part of Serbia. A great number of stores, shopping malls and hypermarkets are at the disposal of tourists, which make this city one of the leading shopping centres in Serbia.

Distict: Pomoravlje

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