Golubac fortress

The fortress consists of nine towers up to 25 m high and linked by stone walls. In the old times, the fortress was surrounded and protected by water canals, and it could be entered only across a wooden bridge. There is also one entrance directly from the Danube, which was probably made for emergency purposes.

Since its origin is rather misterious, there are a number of local legends about the fortress. One is based onits name - the etimology comes from a Serbian word for pigeon (golub), so some legends say that the fortress was a home for pigeons. Others, much more romantic, say that it was named after Golubana, a very beautiful girl who lived in the town-fortress. A rich and powerful Turkish man fell in love with her, but she refused him and his presents. As a punishment, he chained her to a cliff, so that she can look at her hometown, while dying in pains, of hunger and thirst.

Golubac fortress
Photo by Andrey Shapenko

Source: www.danube.travel

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