The memory of a fallen hero – Major Zoran Radosavljević

He was born on 24 th 1965. in Pristina. Educated in Pula and Zadar. His career of military pilot started in 1986. as a fighter pilot on the aircraft MiG-21. In 1992. he was promoted to the rank of captain first class. That same year, Zoran completed retraining on MiG-29 aircraft and became the youngest pilot among 29 who flow on Mig-29 in the Yugoslav Air Force.NATO bombing began on 24 March 1999. Zoran and the evening was in his apartment in New Belgrade, where he lived with his girlfriend. The next day he went to a military airport “Batajnica” and joins his comrades in the 127th Fighter Squadron “Knights”.The next day he went with his mother and sisters. His mother Radojka then asked him: “- My son do not fly” He answer: “- Mom i have to, what is a man who lose his homeland? We pilots need to fly and take the first and strongest attack of aggressor and save at least one child in this country “..

Major Zoran Radosavljevic was killed on the third day of the NATO aggression on the Former Yugoslavia 26 March 1999. year, in an air battle with the numerically and technically far superior enemy. The body of the Major pilot Zoran Radosavljevic, who was killed in the fighting with the NATO planes were next evening found the young boys in the Serbian Republic, on the hill, at a place called Teočak near Bijeljina, and official papers stated that he was killed in the region Loznica.Thanks to these boys of 16 and 17 years, Zoran is buried! Fuselage was in the meadow, the stem of a mountain, and his body seated on the other. The boys took a ladder and a blanket from a grandmother. Wrapped it and gave the Army of the Republic of Srpska. The soldiers were walking across the fields and transferred him to a hospital in Loznica. Soon after American soldiers came and harassed residents to say where is the pilot.

This young man Zoran, was man for example, graduated the Military Academy and the Faculty of Transport. Master’s degree on satellite navigation, preparing a doctorate. He was president of the Sailing Club “Polaris”, which at that time was the biggest Belgrade club membership.

The name of Zoran Radosavljevic today bears the main street in Batajnica, yacht club in Nis, which was founded by his friend Dejan Milosavljevic and largest regatta which is held ih his name every first week of September on the Montenegrin coast. World Serbian Community Serbian declared he was knighted for outstanding contribution made to the overall good of the Serbian people..

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