Orahovac is a settlement and the capital of the municipality of Orahovac in Kosovo and Metohija. The territory of the settlement is located in cadastrial territory of the municipality of Orahovac with a land of 4,894ha.

History of Orahovac

The first written mention of Orahovac was from 1348, in the charter of the Serbian king and tsar, Stefan Dusan. It was given to the monastery of Hilandar in 1405. One part is still preserved where it says “6 April 1897 – Albanians sacked the Church of Orahovac”.

Until the bombardment of 1999, there were around 3,000 Serbs in Orahovac, and today, 2012, there is barely 400, gathered in the mahala around the Church Uspenje Presvete Bogorodice.

In the middle of the settlement, in the upper part of Orahovac there is the Church of the Saint Mother of God, in front of which there is a plaza. The church was built in 1859 on the older temple foundations. The church is a solidly preserved building of cut stone, with an emphasized portal and belfry. There are several images in the stone of the church. There is also a konak of the monastery of Pecka Patriarchy in the town, built in 1848. In the vineyard of Orahovac, in the place called Dubljane, there are preserved remainders of a humble church and several old Serbian graves with ledgers.

District: Prizren

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