The area around the city is rich in diverse places and objects of interest to tourist, scattered throughout the landscape surrounding the town. Besides these different points of interest, another key factor is its placement on the Eastern Mediterranean traveling route; a route linking Western and Eastern Europe to the Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean regions.

The Pirot County region is surrounded from the north and north-east by one of the biggest mountain chains, “Stara Planina,” with its highest peak in Serbia, “Midžor,” at 2,169 meters/7,116 ft. above sea level. The south and south-west boarder of the Pirot valley is made up of some of other prominent mountain chains, “Vlaška planina” (1442 meters/4730 ft. above sea level) and “Suva Planina” (1809 meters/5935 ft. above sea level). The ancient Roman road, known as Via Militaris (The Military Road), passed through this area. The road was later renamed into Constantinople road.

Throughout various time periods the city has been known by different names: during the age of the Roman Empire, in the 3rd and 4th century to be exact, the town was named Turres (Tower). Over time the town had also been known as Pirgos, Thurib, Momčilov Grad, Kale, and Tvrđava. The famous fortress the town was once named after, Momčilo’s Keep, still stands today, and the area of the town surrounding it is named Kale. An archeological study of the Pirot town center has shown that a settlement had existed there 5000 years ago. Further examinations have uncovered other traces of culture, dating to Eneolithic and Iron ages, as well as Antic, Early Byzantine and the Middle ages.

Today, Pirot is considered a town of historic value, and the Pirot County is among the largest ones in Serbia, both in size and the number of citizens, around 67,552. Pirot is the capital of the Pirot County, consisting of four smaller municipalities.


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