Presevo Municipality is located in the south of Serbia and it covers an area of ​​264km2. It is situated near the border with Macedonia and the international E-10 corridor, which connects Belgrade, Skopje, Thessaloniki and Athens. In addition to the urban core, which is a community center, the municipality includes 35 settlements.

There are two stories about the origin of the name of the place.  According to some people, the term Presevo consists of two words: Pres - meaning “leek” and Eve – meaning “meadow” in Latin, which would finally mean the field for growing leeks. Others argue that the Presevo toponym comes from the Hungarian word for wild mulberry. Neither of the two allegations has been confirmed.


Presevo as a settlement after some information was first mentioned in the fourteenth century, precisely 1381. Presevo passed also the way VIA Egnatia and indicates the importance of the geographical position of Presevo.

Evidence of that time and today are present in Presevo, such as the remains of Presevo fortress that is the hill on the way to Kosovo, which was used to control this communication. Leopold Mandy rightfully called it "The Heart of the Balkans".

In recent times, the name of Presevo J.G.v.HAHN found in writings from 1878 which indicate that the Presevo has 1650 houses and later Jovan Hadzvasiljev mentioned Presevo in his book describing the historical events during the nineteenth century.

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