Prizren is located in south Metohija, in Prizrenska valley, which with Prizrenska and Ljubiždanska field; make up the special region of šarska-pandska area. City of Prizren is located at 412-500m above sea level, in the area between Cvilen hill (1381m) and mountains Ošljak (2212m), Paštrik (1978m) and Koritnik (2395m) and the mountain range of Šar Mountain. The river Prizrenska Bistrica flows through the city and separates it into two parts. Its flow was changed by the coming of Turks and moved to the right of the famous church – Bogorodice Ljeviške. Prizrenska Bistrica emerges on Šar Mountain and flows into the river Beli Drim. In the past, watermills and vunovlačare were located on the river, but they are now gone.

Prizrenska valley is situated on a very seismic area, on which, from the year 1900 to 1936, a total 125 earthquakes were recorded.


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