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The Municipality of Prokuplje, as the center of Toplički district stretches on an area of 759 km², and the number of inhabitants living in that territory is 48,501.

The favorable geographical position and the terrain configuration have given rise to the most important Central Balkan trunk route,hisar which interconnects the Black Sea with the Adriatic Sea, to partly go exactly along the Toplica River, then the Kosanica River and, via Kosovo and Metohija, representing the shortest connection between the Moravsko-Vardarska (Rivers) valley and the Adriatic Sea. This highway communication, with a series of subsidiary roads, was of prime importance for all historical and cultural trends in this part of our country.

In the territory of the municipality, human settlements existed way back in prehistory – by archeological investigations, objects and settlements were discovered which belong to the Neolithic culture, of Vinča – Pločnik type. The remnants of the oldest settlement in the territory of the town date back from the pre-Roman times and were discovered at the foot of Hisar Hill.

In view of the fact that the town has been located at the same place for centuries and since it has developed along its main street, which is parallel with the river, the remnants of the past have mainly not been preserved. Still enduring are the walls of the old town, of the fortress on Hisar Hill, which has been just partly investigated, the Church of St. Procopius at the foot of the Hill, and the small Jug Bogdan’s or Latin Church in the close vicinity.

The present-day town of Prokuplje is accommodated along the banks of the river, at the place where its middle course ends and from where, at the exit from the town, the mountain-encircled valley extends into the fertile Dobrička lowlands. The town is rather densely populated, positioned at 250 - 350 m above sea level.

The present-day town was predominantly constructed in the 20th century. The building activity took place according to the designs of the Belgrade architect Branko Tanazović, who was assisted by Dragutin Maslać, in the spirit of modernized academism.

The most important ones are certainly the building of the district administration - the present-day building of the Municipality of Prokuplje, the building of the Elementary School "Nikodije Stojanović Tatko", the building of the National Museum of Toplica, the building of the Sokolski Hall, and the endowment of doctor Aleksa Savić, erected on the hill of Hisar, which has actually become the landmark of our town.

The moderate continental climate with mild transitions between the seasons in the mountain-encircled valley, the long and severe winter in the mountain, have given rise to the fertile soil along the Toplica River and its tributaries as well as abundance of forests and pastures.

The moderate continental climate, the high-country area as well as the ample underground circulating and thermal mineral waters, provide favorable conditions for the economic development of the municipality.

Out of the total of 75,896 hectares on which the Municipality of Prokuplje stretches, the agricultural land covers 45,083 hectares or 60%, forest covers 26,896 hectares or 35%. On cultivated areas of the land, various crops are grown, specifically 79% of farm crops, 19% of fruit cultures, and 2% of grape vine. The land along the rivers is used for the production of farm crops and, in the high-country area, for growing fruit cultures among which plum and sour cherry have the leading role.

The space of the territory of the municipality of Prokuplje particularly abounds in plant and animal world, which is in line with the climatic conditions of this area.

The main industrial production in the municipality involves foodstuffs, and the prevailing type of economic activity is the processing industry with 42.5%.

In Prokuplje, there are five big enterprises and around 200 small and medium-size ones (the number constantly varies), whereby the private sector prevails.

Agriculture is in the area of Prokuplje the major backbone of development of the municipality and a major factor of subsistence of the population. What is common to/for everything in the primary agricultural production is the disrupted economic state. However, in line with the initiatives of the community, it is expected that the agriculture will get its primary position in the economic development of the municipality, the position it deserves judging by its significance.

Namely, Prokuplje municipality is reputed as the leader in the production of health food for the Toplički district. Therefore, the expectations that our agricultural products are going to find their place in other markets are justified. The specific features of this area as brand names are: ,,Manastirka’’ Prokupac-twice-distilled plum-brandy, confectionery products of Hisar Company, mineral water ,,Milan Toplica’’.

Favorable natural conditions enable the development of tourism. The actual destinations for mountain, hunting, recreational, and rural tourism are Beli Kamen, Hisar complex for sports tourism, and the mountain and winter-recreational resort of Jastrebac Mt.

The biggest hospitality industry facility, the hotel ,,Hameum’’, which is located in the center of the town and, on the top of Hisar Hill, there is also the restaurant Savićevac. In addition to the above facilities, there is also the Refectory in Kondželj, which is in the yard of the Church of St. Gabriel and Michael the Archangels.

In Prokuplje, cultural and historic events are traditionally organized, which by their attractions and programs, remind the citizens and visitors of the significant dates or personalities from our past.

One of the best known events is the celebration of the town patron St. Procopius, on the 21st of July.

For decades now, by the end of August and in the beginning of September, international literary Drainac gatherings are held in Prokuplje with the presentation of the famous Drainac award for the best book of poetry in the previous year.

By the end of August, the international art colony „Memorial of Boža Ilić” is also held in Prokuplje in memory of the great Serbian painter, and the international art colony „Sunce-Sun”.

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