Special Nature Reserve Uvac


Uvac Canyon

Uvac Canyon

"Uvac" Special Nature Reserve is protected natural asset of great importance, it have 1st category natural asset. It is situated in south-western Serbia in the region of Stari Vlah-Raška high plateau, wedged between Mt.Zlatar massif in the Southwest and Mt. Javor in the Northeast. "Uvac" Special Nature Reserve occupies the territory of 5525 ha in Nova Varoš Municipality and 2018 ha in Sjenica Municipality, 7543 ha in total. Minimum altitude in the reserve is 760m above sea level, and maximum 1322 m.

Major morphological feature of the reserve is the Uvac River canyon valley including the valleys of its tributaries. The special value of canyon parts of the river valley are curving meanders. Relative height of meander heads is 100m at places.

The surrounding is characterised by karst surface with numerous karst formations: karst plains, karst depressions, karst sinkholes, rock shelters, caves and potholes. Caves are numerous and vary in size, ranging from rock shelters to Usak Cave System, the largest known cave system in Serbia (6185 м). Caves are very rich in speleothem deposited by the action of dripping water to form stalactites, stalagmites, columns, draperies, transparent needles etc.


Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus)

Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus)

"Uvac" Special Nature Reserve is distinguished by the presence of 104 bird species. Most important of all is griffon vulture, one of the two vulture species that are still nesting in Serbia.

Griffon vultures are, at the same time, the greatest attraction in the reserve. Griffon vulture is a vulture species, of an impressive size with a wingspan of 3m at times, which makes him a powerful flier. Its flight has been studied by scientists – aeronautic engineers that used the knowledge on construction of aircrafts. The role it plays in the food chain is unique and makes him irreplaceable. Its is adopted to a diet of dead animals and therefore stops the spread of diseases and contributes to a kind of "natural recycling".

"Uvac" Special Nature Reserve is the only goosander nesting site in Serbia. It is also home for the largest population of this rare bird species in the Balkans.


Brook trout

Besides a rich ornitofauna, there are also some other rare and endangered mammal and other fauna species.

Clean water in watercourses and accumulations presents an ideal habitat for 11 fish species, and some parts of it are natural reproduction areas of trout, rainbow trout, lake trout , chub ,sneep, barbel….

Of 219 registered flora taxa, 3 species are of international significance, 3 of them have the Red List status, collection, use and marketing of 25 taxa are subject to control and more than 50 species have therapeutic value.

Variety of intact habitats, presence of endemic, rare and endangered flora and fauna species have special importance in terms of preservation of biodiversity and geodiversity and, by itself in terms of development and promotion of tourism potential of the reserve.


Source: www.uvac.org.rs

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