Suva Reka

Suva Reka is a town and the capital of the municipality of the same name in the central part of Kosovo and Metohija in the Prizrenski podgor.

The territory of the settlement is located in cadastrial territory of the municipality of Suva Reka with a land of 1,921ha.

History of Suva Reka

The first written mention of Suva Reka is from 1465. A Venetian Giacomo Cantelli di Vignola had put this place into his copper engraving card in 1689, which is held today in the National Library in Paris. During the 1880’s a Russian consul from Prizren, had seen 9 homes of Serbian Gypsies from Suva Reka. There was an old Serbian church which was demolished, and a Serbian cemetery. On a hill beneath the village there was a shrine, in which, according to a written record from 1880, were here some sacred remains, while there were monk’s quarters around it. The Turks turned this shrine into a tekke. In 1938, a new Serbian church was built with a dome and a belfry. Beside it, there is also a cemetery today.

In the near vicinity of the town there is:

The Church Bogorodica Odigitrija, which was built in 1315 by Milutin’s kaznac Dragoslav. It is located in the village of Musitist.
The Church of St George, which was built in 1370 by an unknown duke as his sepulchral church. It is located in the village of Recane.

District: Prizren

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