Zubin Potok

Ibarski Kolasin spreads over the administrative territory of the municipality of Zubin Potok. It is in the North West part of Kosovo. It is part of the Kosovo-Mitrovica district and together with it, since 1999, it holds a place as a specific geopolitical creation in the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, which is under the UN protectorate.

The borders of this area are mostly natural, geomorphologic creations. Ibarski Kolasin spreads over the valley of the river Ibar, now partly through the Gazivoda which is mostly flooded by a artificial lake, from Ribaric in the North West to Zupca in the South East. Administratively, it borders Tutin municipality in the west, Novi Pazar to the nrth, Zvecan and Kosovska Mitrovica to the east and Srbica and Istok municipalities to the south.

Through the territory of Ibarski Kolasin and important traffic route of Middle Age Serbia passed through here, and it connected Pomoravlje and Raska to Zetska coast. It is important to mention that in the transport needs it was intensively used, up until the 60s of the past century. Namely, down this river, from the upper part of the river Ibar, by using rafts, a lot of wooden goods, milk goods were taken to Kosovska Mitrovica.

Today, almost at the same route, the highway E-65 passes (Kosovska Mitrovica – Ribarice) which further separates in the north towards Novi Pazar and further towards central Serbia, and in the South West towards Montenegro.


The municipality of Zubin Potok consists of areas of the Old Kolasin or Ibarski Kolasin, whose some villages are mentioned as early as the Middle Ages in the hrisovolja of King Milutin.

The area of Old Kolasin was divided, during the 18th and 19th century, into smaller administrative areas – principalities, and after the liberation from the Ottoman Empire, this area was finally divided into two areas: Radicpolje and Berima municipality, which is how it remained until the 2nd World War.

The municipality of Zubin Potok was created right after the end of the 2nd World War and in its first form it existed up until 1965 , when it was abolished, and its territory merged with the municipality of Kosovska Mitrovica.

In the first years since the founding of the municipality, Zubin Potok has shown the biggest economic growth in its history and that’s when several smaller and larger factories with big numbers of free working spaces were opened. This enabled the citizens to have secure jobs and survival in these areas.
Today, the town of Zubin Potok is the centre of the municipality of the same name. On the territory of the municipality there are 63 villages.

District: Kosovska Mitrovica

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