Rules for site users

1 General rules
1.1 You're not allowed to register more than one nickname.
1.2 Vulgar and insulting nicknames are not allowed

2 Rules for behavior
2.1 You're not allowed to post any advertising links on this site.
2.2 Racial and religious discrimination,insults or slight of other members are not allowed.
2.3 Do not use capital letters only (Caps Lock)
2.4 In case you notice topic in forum, message in forum, message in guesbook etc. that violates the rules, inform the site administration using personal messages.

3 Forum
3.1 You're not allowed to chat (chat) in forum.
3.2 When starting a new topic in forum, you must not use these words in topic name: "click", "urgent" and similar
3.3 Topic name should describe the topic subject in short line.
3.4 Comments in topics must not consist of smilies and they have to be related to topic.

4 Other
4.1 Users that violate these rules can get their accounts banned (ban) from 5 min. to 30 days.
4.2 Moderators have the rights to delete messages and topics without any prior notice.
4.3 Administrators have the rights to change these rules without any prior notice.
4.4 If a user ignores their bans, their account will be permanently deleted.

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